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Vegetables worth $42.74m sold at agricultural meeting in Guiyang

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Updated: 2020-12-18

Vegetables worth $42.74m sold at agricultural meeting in Guiyang

Vegetable purchasers sign 49 vegetable orders with GAID at the meeting. [Photo/gog.cn]

Guiyang Agricultural Investment Development Co (GAID), a State-owned agricultural company in Southwest China's Guizhou province, held a meeting on Dec 16 to coordinate the production and sales of agricultural products.

More than 70 vegetable purchasers from across the country ordered 140,000 metric tons of vegetables, worth 280 million yuan ($42.74 million), during the meeting.

The vegetable industry is one of Guizhou's 12 featured agricultural sectors and one of Guiyang's pillar industries. GAID's branded vegetables represent Guizhou's high-quality green agricultural products and have been sold in 16 cities across China, as well as exported to Malaysia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

Cheng Shuqian, general manager of GAID, said at the meeting that the company plans to plant 170,000 mu (11,333.33 hectares) of vegetables next year, including eggplants, melons and mushrooms.

Currently, GAID has established 52 vegetable planting bases in the province with an estimated annual output volume of 2.2 million tons, ensuring a full supply of vegetables throughout the year.

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