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City showcases its future vision

By Chen Meiling ( China Daily)

Updated: 2019-05-30

When I approached the hotel in Guanshanhu district of Guiyang, my memory flashed back to when I first attended the big data expo in 2017.

The city has become more modern, advanced and intelligent, which is apparent by the many high-rise buildings and broad, busy streets. The landscape around the hotel reminds me of the Beijing CBD, only more quiet.

This time, I was able to see how big data has entered people's lives. At the expo venue, robots gave guidance and sold items. Self-service machines stood in line for information or charging services. Attendees wore virtual reality headgear to see the landscape of Guiyang. Staff members rode intelligent segways to pass through the corridors.

The 60,000-square-meter exhibition area was crowded with people even at 4 pm, one hour before closing time. Visitors waited in long queues to try out cutting-edge technologies.

There are devices that can test your body fat, sugar and protein rate by standing on them for about two seconds. There are seats where you can operate a real excavator far away with trolley and buttons. By giving the right gesture, the cartoon images of horses or birds appear on the screen. I can see the joy and excitement of people when the engage with this technology.

Since big data was written in the country's Government Work Report in 2014, the term has become a hot topic both in industrial and commercial sectors. However, besides making factories more efficient and businesses more profitable, how would that help people live better? The answer may be found in Guiyang.

Just like the theme of the expo - Innovative Development, Digital Future - the futuristic scene is shown in this city every day and people are willing to try out what's new. The spirit of inclusiveness opens the gate to a new digital era, and that's crucial to building an innovation-driven economy.


(China Daily 05/30/2019 page7)

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