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Guiyang girl's landmark posters go viral

( chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2017-12-28

Wang Xiyue, a post-90s girl, combined her creativity and love of her hometown to design 27 remarkable posters that became viral sensations.

Wang, born and raised in Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou province, explained that she wanted to express her love and opinions about the city through the posters, highlighting local landmarks such as Jiaxiu Tower, Qingyan Ancient Town and Zhucheng Square.

"These posters recorded what the landmarks look like in my impression," said Wang.

This art project was not a quick feat, taking her a total of two years to finish the ode to Guiyang.

And unlike many youths who post things online today, the talented young girl's motives were not for personal attention, but rather she wished a spotlight would shine on her beloved city.

Wang said, "I would be content if people feel curious about Guiyang or know more about the city after seeing these posters."

Guiyang girl's landmark posters go viral

Wang Xiyue's creative voice sings brilliantly in her poster of Jiaxiu Tower (built in 1598). [Photo/Xinhua]

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