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Guiyang's air quality ranks 21st nationwide

By Zeng Jun and Gu Ruoqi ( chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2014-06-20

The Ministry of Environmental Protection released an air quality report covering 74 cities in May on June 18, 2014. Guiyang's air quality ranked 21st in the National Air Quality Index.

According to the report, Haikou city and Zhuhai city made it into the top 10 cities with the best air quality in China. The air qualities of Xingtai city and Tangshan city of Hebei province are below average.

Guiyang's air quality ranks 21st nationwide
Guiyang's air quality improves in June (Photo/China Daily Guizhou Office)

Guiyang's air quality index reached 90.3 percent in May, only three days of mild pollution, according to the Guiyang ecological civilization construction committee.

The Guiyang environmental protection department also strengthened air pollution management and supervision resulting in improved air quality in June.

"The local government should increase the limit of dust and vehicle exhaust," said an expert in the environmental protection field.

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