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Working Papers

Effects and Future Targets of China’s Innovation Policies: Survey Findings Based on Corporate Innovations(No.98, 2016)


China’s innovation policies have made positive headway but are still facing some problems.

Organization and Policies of Demand-oriented Research in Basic Research (No 182, 2015)


"Demand-orientation" in basic research focuses its emphasis on solving economic and social problems instead of exploring new knowledge as the foremost goal.

Features, Organization Forms and Implications: US Local Governments' Support for Basic Research (No 181, 2015)


The attribute of basic research as a kind of public goods determines that the central government should undertake the major function of funding.

Overseas Reviewer System for Science Fund and Relevant Enlightenment (No 145, 2015)


A science fund selects and examines research project applications by organizing peer review.

Cultivate the Soil of Innovation for Green Development (No 125, 2015)


Pushing ahead with green technology innovation is a critical path to fundamentally realizing the "decoupling" of economic development from environmental pollution and resource depletion.

Accelerate the Displacement of Distributive Boilers and Increase the Proportion of Central Heating Supplied by Co-generation of Heat and Power (No 121, 2015)


The Strategic Initiatives of Energy Development 2014-2020 puts forward the strategy that energy development should take conservation as the top priority as well as the strategy relating to low-carbon and green development.