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Macro Economy

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance(August 2013)


DRC synchronized index continues to increase slightly, with the leading indicator decreasing.

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance(July 2013)


As investment, exports, manufacturing, and finance markets send positive signals, the coincident macro-economic index in August keeps getting better and market confidence is rising.

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance(June 2013)


Overall demand is still facing downward pressure, and market expectations are not stable, with the macroeconomic index slightly fluctuating at low points.

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance (May 2013)


The macroeconomic index improved slightly over April, but remained low.

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance(April 2013)


The core index of the macro-economy rose from the previous month, and pessimistic expectations in the market have become less strong in the short term.

Monthly Review on Macro Economic Performance(March 2013)


During the changing stages of economic growth, the macro-economy has fluctuated wildly with unstable expectations.

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