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The Building of Faculty Team in China’s Private Colleges and Universities: Problems and Countermeasures (No.274, 2021)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC; Que Mingkun & Gu Jianmin, College of Education at Zhejiang University; Liao Xiuhua, Jinjiang College of Sichuan University

Research Report, No.274, 2021 (Total 6339) 2021-9-17

Abstract: At present, there are four main problems in the building of faculty team of private colleges and universities in China: one, the shortage of teachers could not meet the basic needs of school-running; two, the overall quality of the faculty team lags behind due to the relatively low academic credentials and professional titles of faculty members; three, the teaching activities reveal weak because of the limited professional development; four, the low salary treatment has made it difficult to check the dropout of teachers. The main reasons for the above-mentioned issues are as follows: one, the relatively overall sluggish development of private colleges and universities is not conducive for attracting outstanding teachers; two, the operating capabilities of private colleges and universities remain weak which constraints the inputs into the building of faculty team; three, their short-sighted management mode and extensive development paths stand in the way of ensuring the teaching faculty members work; four, the identification system formed on the basis of the differences between public and private colleges and universities has hindered the stabilization and rational flow of teachers; five, the governance mechanism in private colleges and universities is yet to be enhanced and the political and social status of teachers cannot be ensured. With the aim of strengthening the faculty team building in private colleges and universities, this paper notes that we need to cultivate an integrated development system for both public and private colleges and universities; two, we need to establish a multi-tiered pension insurance system in private colleges and universities; three, we need to enforce the internal momentum of private colleges and universities and their management mechanism needs to be innovated.

Keywords: private colleges and universities, teachers, the building of faculty team, problems, policy options