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Policy Options on Standardized School Management by Non-Governmental Sectors: Guidelines for the Healthy Development of Compulsory Education (No.273, 2021)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC; Wang Yitao, Soochow University Think Tank; Que Mingkun, College of Education at Zhejiang University

Research Report, No.273, 2021 (Total 6338) 2021-9-17

Abstract: Since the turn of the new century, schools run by non-governmental sectors in terms of compulsory education have increased year by year, but generally speaking these schools are not the across-the-board form for school management. The increased number of these schools is the result induced by many factors. The running of private schools adapts to the need for the development of education for the present period whereas the development of these schools in terms of compulsory education varies to a large extent in different areas. Objectively speaking, although these schools have some issues to be addressed, they have pressed forward the development of compulsory education, eased the structural imbalance between supply and demand and satisfied the diverse and personalized demands. In view of global practice, there are also relatively big development differences between the private schools for primary education in different countries and most of the private schools are supplementary to public schools with a non-profitable performance, and the governments are generally concerned about providing support to the management and regulation of private schools. In light of these facts, this paper notes that we need to determine the scales of the private schools for compulsory education in different areas in a reasonable manner, strive to increase the supply of public compulsory education resources, make dynamic adjustments and optimal resources allocation, and regulate and guide the healthy development of schools run by non-governmental sectors for compulsory education.

Keywords: compulsory education period, schools run by non-governmental sectors, healthy development, policy options