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Strive to Develop Inclusive Community Child Care Services Based on Gained Experience (No.272, 2021)


By She Yu, Research Department of Social Development, DRC; Shi Yi, China Population and Development Research Center

Research Report, No.272, 2021 (Total 6337) 2021-9-17

Abstract: Community, as the major environment of people’s daily life and the basic unit of social governance, is not only the main body that provides the basic public services directly, but also the last hurdle impacting the implementation of the policies relating to childcare services. Through joint management and resources sharing, Gongshu district in Hangzhou city has realized the inclusive childcare services, addressed the inconvenience caused by long commuting distances through refining the ring-patterned city layout, and removed the safety issue by enhancing the community’s comprehensive supervision. Apart from directly meeting the demands of families on reasonable, safe and available child care services, Gongshu district government has witnessed satisfying effects on easing the anxiety caused by the long commuting distances between the workplace and home and reducing the child care burden on mothers. It has achieved gratifying results in providing more knowledge to parents on childcare, beefing up the parents’ nursing ability about child nursing, improving the neighborhood relationship and fleshing out public services environment. Based on the practical experience gained by Gongshu district and in view of the similar difficulties facing many areas in China, in order to better advance the sustainable development of community childcare services, it is necessary for the government to provide systematic support in the aspects of standard norms, responsibility division, financial input, shared management and common benefits.

Keywords: community childcare services, inclusive, sustainable, Gongshu district, policy options