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The Improvement of China’s Education Service Supplies: Policy Options (No.214, 2021)


By She Yu, Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, No.214, 2021 (Total 6279) 2021-8-4

Abstract: Research findings show that the preschool education resources in China will be sufficient in the next decade while the equality of resource allocation needs to be improved. The distribution of compulsory education resources in urban and rural areas needs to be adjusted and allocated in a dynamic manner. As the number of students of high schools and universities sees steady growth, further input is needed to make resources more accessible. The demands for standard and high-quality off-campus training for students undergoing compulsory education will remain large. The potential demand for education and training of the elderly will be great, and accordingly social guarantee for elderly care needs to be refined. To meet people’s demands for education services, related departments need to improve education service supplies through enhancing financial support for preschool education, make the allocation of compulsory education resources in urban and rural areas become more balanced, and promote the enrollment of students into high schools and universities. Efforts are also needed to boost sound development of off-campus training, effectively implement the policies of easing the burden of excessive school homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education, and expand the supply of education and training for the elderly while improving social guarantee on elderly care.

Keywords: education service, changes of demands, supplies, improvement, policy options