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The Involvement of Fintech Companies in the Credit Field: Features and Impacts (No.145, 2021)


By Chen Daofu, Research Institute of Finance, DRC; Cao Shengxi & Wang Yanyan, Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of Sichuan Province

Research Report, No.145, 2021 (Total 6210) 2021-6-3

Abstract: At present, with the advantages to attract clients, to properly manage risk control, and to better integrate resources with the help of relevant platforms, fintech companies have got involved in the credit sector across the board, causing profound impacts. Traditional credit businesses concentrate on traditional financial institutions such as banks. Now the involvement of fintech companies have made each link of credit business become refined and reorganized, giving a boost to the marketization of credit businesses, which has brought about tangible changes in the service mode, risk features, risk control logics, risk control manner and core competitiveness of credit businesses. The evaluation and understanding on the involvement of fintech companies in credit field should be viewed from the perspective of the entire changes of social environment. Fintech companies mainly provide services to small and micro-businesses, tackling difficulties troubling market entities and meeting the needs based on inclusive finance, which is no doubt an unprecedented innovation. In the future, data and channels may become the core competitiveness. The position of fintech companies, financial institutions and the financial industry will all witness dynamic changes in the course of social development.

Keywords: fintech company, credit, emerging finance