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Create Conditions for the Old Urban Community Renovation from Micro- Level to Green Level (No.199, 2020)


By Li Jifeng, Chen Shanshan, Lin Changqing & Guo Jiaofeng, Research Team on “Green, Circular and Low-Carbon Development in the New Era”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.199, 2020 (Total 5943) 2020-8-3

Abstract: The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has fully exposed the shortcomings of epidemic prevention and control in old urban communities. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have made it clear that efforts need to be made to renovate old communities to boost domestic demand and benefit the residents in the work plans for normalizing epidemic prevention and control and promoting economic and social development. In view of the long-term effect of community renovation on the residents’ living quality, it should not be limited to micro-renovation model. Instead, we need to further strengthen the green and healthy concept, and improve satisfaction and sense of gain of ordinary people to a greater extent. In order to promote green renovation of old communities, we need to carry out renovation in accordance with the law and take multiple measures to increase the participation of residents. We need to expedite the establishment of a market-based operation mechanism and effectively raise funds for green renovation. We need to strengthen overall coordination among departments at all levels and enforce mandatory standards for green buildings to support the exploration of new models for green renovation or green reconstruction in situ. We need to enhance the promotion and application of green building technology and information technology so as to promote the continuous improvement of people’s living quality of the whole urban areas.

Keywords: green renovation, stabilize the economy, old community, COVID-19 epidemic