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A Research Report on 9932 China’s Enterprises in the Third Quarter (No.190, 2019)

( drc ) 2019-12-13

By Wang Yiming, Chen Changsheng & Yang Guangpu, Research Team on “Enterprise Survey and Performance Analysis”, DRC

Research Report, No.190, 2019 (Total 5690)


Abstract: In the third quarter of 2019, DRC carried out a questionnaire survey on 9,932 enterprises of various types in China, which revealed that the apparent effect of tax and fee reduction policies was continued , the production and operation of companies were generally stable, product orders and business revenue were maintained at a certain growth rate, and nearly half of the surveyed companies expressed their plan to increase investment in the future. However, it needs to be noted that there are great differences between regions and different types of enterprises; some companies and industries in certain regions are still facing difficulties in production and operation; the proportion of companies with dropping revenue growth increased; the year-on-year drop in tax burden narrowed from the previous quarter; the sales margin was generally low; the enterprises’ pressure to lay off employees increased; there are difficulties in recruitment and a higher cost in labor; companies also face various difficulties in financing, and the problem of “high cost in financing” has not been significantly eased yet; And some companies still have high leverage ratio. Coupled with the continuous impact of China-US trade frictions, companies’ expectations for future development have not changed for the better.

Key words: questionnaire, overall stable, difference, difficulties