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Enterprises’ Involvement in Providing Care Services for Infants and Young Children:International Experience and Enlightenments (Special Issue, No.87, 2019)

( drcBy Hao Zhirong, China Center for International Knowledge on Development ) 2019-12-11

By Hao Zhirong, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, Special Issue, No.87, 2019 (Total 1715)


Abstract: The Chinese government encourages and supports non-governmental social forces to set up childcare institutions and provide various forms of care services for infants and young children. Internationally, entrepreneurs play a major role in this aspect. Leading companies in different industries have gained rich experience in providing childcare services to their employees, and explored a number of effective models and methods. Some enterprises provide childcare services either by their own efforts or through cooperation between enterprises, and some take a public-private partnership model. Some enterprises purchase some enrolment quotas in reserve from childcare institutions to meet intermittent childcare needs apart from providing childcare subsidies and allowances. China could draw on some references from international cases. For instance, enterprises need to incorporate employees’ childcare projects into the overall strategic planning. Efforts need to focus on relevant research to ensure the flexibility and efficiency of childcare services. Both the enterprise and the government at various levels need to give first priority to quality of childcare services. Equal support on childcare services needs to be offered for both male and female employees to promote gender equality at work. The government needs to create a sound environment in terms of macro-policy and regulation for enterprises engaged in childcare services. It is necessary to summarize and promote the typical experience of enterprises relating to childcare in a timely manner.

Key words: care services for infants and young children, enterprise, international experience