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Decision-Making Mechanisms for the Reform of French Old-Age Security System: Enlightenments to China (Special Issue, No.85, 2019)

( drc ) 2019-12-10

By Wang Yingyue, International Cooperation Department, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.85, 2019 (Total 1713)


Abstract: The French government is working on promoting the reform of the pension insurance system and the service system for the elderly and disabled old people. Based on expert consultations and democratic negotiations, it is pooling opinions gathered from various sides for the adjustment of reform plans. The decision-making mechanisms for reforming the French old-age security system are propelled by high-level experts and independent advisory institutions with wide representation. With the participation of the people from various social circles, the opinions solicited are fully discussed through democratic negotiations. The experts’ demonstration analysis and the consultation results all have a practical impact on decision-making. To improve China’s major decision-making procedures and make decisions become more scientific and democratic, it is advisory for China to draw on some references from the French old-age security system. For instance, the professional advisory institutions could become more independent and representative, more efforts could focus on tangible effects of democratic negotiations and decision-making could be made more open and transparent. It is hoped that these measures could improve the quality of administrative decision-making and better ensure public interests.

Key words: French old-age security, decision-making mechanism, democratic consultations