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The Development of French Old-age Service System: Inspirations to China (Special Issue, No.84, 2019)

( drc ) 2019-12-10

By Liu Chen, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, Special Issue, No.84, 2019 (Total 1712)


Abstract: Since the 1980s, France has gradually established a management system for the old-age care services coordinated by the central government and implemented by local governments, and a diversified supply system of old-age care services that focused on home-based care and supplemented by institutional care. With the expedited population aging in France, a new round of reform of the old-age care service system has begun. The main issues of this round of reform are placed on preventing the elders from becoming disabled, increasing the number of nursing staff and giving more financial support to home-based care. But these measures have led to substantial increase in public expenditure. As a developed country, some of the goals of France’s pension service system may not be adaptable to China’s current level of development, but some of its measures to cope with old care problems are worth learning. China can appropriately delegate more powers to local governments in a bid to stimulate their motivation and form an effective integration between the central government and local governments, introduce advanced concepts such as the enhancement of the elderly’s self-care ability through top-level design, and optimize relevant supporting policies in laws, capital, technology and manpower to fully shore up home-based old-age care.

Key words: old-age services, home-based old-age care, measures to prevent the old from becoming disabled