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China’s Think Tanks’ Innovation-Oriented Reform in Key Fields Since the 18th CPC National Congress: Pilot Practice and Policy Options (Special Issue, No.55, 2019)


By Li Yaokun & Tian Linlin, Research Team on “The Innovative Development of New-type Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.55, 2019 (Total 1683) 2019-8-5

Abstract: The development of think tanks in China has achieved remarkable results since the 18th CPC National Congress. It has gradually moved to the high-quality development stage from the initial phase and opened up a new scenario for the parallel development of various types of think tanks including Party organizations, government departments, military units, science and technology institutions, colleges and universities, industrial enterprises, social circles and mass media. On the basis of field research on the pilot practice of innovation-oriented reform launched by think tanks in some key fields, and the investigation results on specific practices and experience of think tanks in different fields on enhancing the construction and functional transformation of think tanks, the paper puts forward some options for promoting collaborative and innovative development of think tanks in various fields in the new era and especially in light of the common issues facing the development of think tanks in China. The policy options are as follows. The government needs to guide think tanks to focus on professional, specialized, unique and profound development. It needs to improve the quality of think tanks’ function on policy consultation and encourage them to cultivate a forward-looking approach in research work relating to the performance trend of social and economic issues. It needs to standardize the management mode of think tanks and strengthen the comprehensive system guarantee of policy consultation work for think tanks. It needs to innovate the personnel system of think tanks and explore a sustainable mechanism for personnel cultivation. It needs to enhance the influence of think tanks in world affairs in the age of globalization. It needs to attach importance to the social influence of think tanks and give play to their role in public welfare programs and activities.

Key words: think tanks’ development, policy-making consulting system, exploration and practice