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Industrial Internet Platform’s Role to Shore up High-Quality Economic Development: Policy Options (No.134, 2019)


By Li Yan, Research Team on “Platform-based Economic Development and Relevant Regulations”, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.134, 2019 (Total 5634) 2019-8-12

Abstract: As a digital new economy in industrial field, industrial Internet platform has established a service system for massive data collection, aggregation and analysis based on cloud platform by removing the hurdles between design, production, circulation, consumption and service with intelligent technology as the main pillar. It has underpinned the ubiquitous connectivity, flexible supply and efficient allocation of manufacturing resources, shoring up industrial upgrading and high-quality economic development. In recent years, China’s industrial Internet platform has stepped on the fast development track guided by national policies and driven by digital transformation of enterprises, but it needs to be noted that some problems still remain to be solved. One, a number of industrial Internet platforms are reduced to showcases only for display due to the lack of application scenarios; two, the “information isolation” has hindered the integration, sharing, innovation and application of manufacturing resources and data; three, the local supply capacity of platform-based key technologies is inappropriate; four, the resource elements and guarantee conditions for platform development wait for improvement. It is advisable to further flesh out supporting policies for platform development, integration and application in a swift manner. Besides, platform ecology needs to be improved to foster a sound institutional environment for industrial Internet platform development.

Key words: industrial Internet platform, digital new economy, high-quality development