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Industry-backed Poverty Alleviation in Daming County: Experience and Enlightenments (No.115, 2019)


By Wu Ping, Research Institute of Resources and Environmental Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.115, 2019 (Total 5615) 2019-7-17

Abstract: As an important leverage to achieve rural revitalization, the industry-backed poverty alleviation is the key and the fundamental method to win the battle against poverty. The fostering of endogenous power hinges on targeted measures such as enhancing the farmers’ will to reduce poverty and helping them to master relevant technical knowhow in farming projects. Daming county in Hebei province is a typical rural county in north China’s plain areas with a large population and weak economic foundation, and has been ear-marked as a poverty county for nearly 30 years. In recent years, Daming county has made full use of the plain areas for scaled agriculture farming, tapped the potential relating to its historical and cultural traditions, brought into play its geological advantages at the border areas of three provinces, closely followed the changes of national industrial layout and seized the historic opportunity of promoting high-quality development. In keeping up with new development trends with a forward-looking approach, Daming county has made efforts to attract leading companies from elsewhere and strived to improve the integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. With a scientific decision-making stance, emphasis is laid on the role of intellectual factors in project selection, layout and development. It has focused on the building of risk prevention and control system in order to lead the grassroots villages to shake off poverty and increase income steadily. The targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization measures are effectively dovetailed, and the current battle against poverty and the long-term development in the future are both taken into account. The practical experience of industry-backed poverty alleviation in Daming county makes good references for the plain areas to combat poverty and achieve rural revitalization.

Key words:poverty alleviation, industry-backed poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, Daming county