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Polity Options on High-quality Development of China’s Regional Economy in the Future (No.113, 2019)


By Liu Yong, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.113, 2019 (Total 5613) 2019-7-15

Abstract: On the basis of revealing the basic meaning of high-quality development of China’s regional economy, this paper analyzes and forecasts some major trends relating to high-quality development of China's regional economy in the future. Against the current landscape of a complex economic and political environment both at home and abroad, the high-quality development of China’s regional economy in the future will continue to play its irreplaceable role in keeping a stable growth rate and enable China to stride forward towards a high-income nation while promoting a balanced and coordinated development of regional economy. In the days to come, China will make greater progress in perfecting the regional economic operation and management system, boosting regional economic integration, establishing a new system of regional division of labor and cooperation, changing the unbalanced development pattern between regions, realizing the regional economic and social transformation and ensuring a sustainable development of eco-system.

Key words: regional economy, high-quality development, a balanced and coordinated development, policy options