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Establish a Health Impact Assessment System to Boost Sustainable Development (Special Issue, No.20, 2019)


By Gong Sen & Zhang Xiulan, Research Team on “Health Impact Assessment System”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, Special Issue, No.20, 2019 (Total 1648) 2019-3-15

Abstract: Multiple factors such as social, economic and environmental ones all have profound impacts on health. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a means of assessing the underlying health impacts of policies, plans and projects and estimating the impact distribution in the population. It is not only a system promoting sustainable development, but also an important measure linking up all kinds of social and economic policies and embodying the people-oriented development idea in all policies, plans and projects. Currently, to facilitate the building of HIA system is conducive to green development, industrial upgrading, China’s enterprises going global, and the implementation of the healthy China strategy. The innovation demonstration districts for sustainable development and key industry areas should be taken as the priority choice for HIA pilot work. We should work with relevant departments, mobilize industrial operators and attract the public attention, so as to continuously improve the technical framework, guides and data system of HIA.

Key words: health impact assessment, sustainable development, development idea