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The Development of International Chattel Financing Market: Experience and Enlightenments (No.58, 2019)


By Wang Wei, Li Bu & Wang Nian, Research Team on “Evaluation on the Impacts of the Development of China’s Chattel Financing Market on China’s Social and Economic Performance”, Research Institute for Market Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.58, 2019 (Total 5558) 2019-4-24

Abstract: Chattel financing is a key method of financing in modern market-oriented economy and one of the most important financing channels for enterprises in developed economies. Chattel financing plays a significant role in promoting economic growth, creating jobs, stabilizing financial performance, and encouraging innovation in a tolerant manner. Therefore, all countries in the world have attached great importance to the chattel financing market and boosted its development with great efforts. International organizations also pay attention to summarizing and promoting the experience of developing the chattel financing market. International experience shows that reforming and improving the chattel property rights guaranty system, enhancing market supervision, providing supporting policies and promoting the application of innovation-oriented information technology constitute the key factors for the development of chattel financing market. Developing the chattel financing market is an endogenous requirement for China to achieve high-quality development, which can provide a new approach to effectively lowering financing costs and making it more accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises. Towards this end, China needs to move faster to deepen reforms, improve relevant institutional mechanisms, fully utilize information technologies and enable China’s chattel financing market to catch up and surpass the old timers.

Key words: chattel financing, property rights guaranty system, international experience