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Propel the Integration of Urban-Rural Public Services for High-Quality Development (No.16, 2019)


By Xiao Junyan, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.16, 2019 (Total 5516) 2019-2-20

Abstract: Providing basic public services of high quality is an inevitable requirement and an important symbol for building a high-quality society. Many aspects are involved in promoting the integration of urban-rural public services, and the major issue lies in the integration of urban-rural construction space with public service facilities. Currently, the development of urban public services is limited by construction space, and rural public services are still inadequate. However, both sides have their respective pros and cons, which are highly complementary and mutually beneficial. With regard to cities, they have relatively strong needs for public services shored up by abundant capital, advanced technology and the pool of talents, whereas cities lack appropriate space for construction and natural resources to increase public services. As regards rural areas, they have relatively vast space for construction and natural resources, but they are short of funds, technology and talents to improve public services. The integration of urban-rural public services is conducive to solving the shortage of public services and improving service quality. At the same time, it could play a practical role in realizing the coordinated development between urban and rural areas, facilitating rural revitalization and cultivating new growth points for economic growth. To press ahead the integrated development of urban-rural public services, efforts need to be made to flesh out the institutional and policy arrangements.

Key words: urban-rural public services, practical significance, mode and roadmaps, policy options