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Nuclear Energy Policy of the Trump Administration: Evaluation and Response (No.13, 2019)


By Hong Tao, Research Team on “Energy Policy of the Trump Administration and its Impact on China’s Nuclear Energy Development”, Research Institute for Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.13, 2019 (Total 5513) 2019-1-28

Abstract: The new nuclear energy policy of the Trump administration aims to revitalize American nuclear energy internally and strengthen the control of technology transfer externally, so as to ensure its national security and maintain its global advantage in nuclear technology. It also takes into account the long-term goal of maintaining its nuclear capability and technological advantages and the short-term goal of maintaining its competitiveness in nuclear power. Although Trump’s new nuclear policy has limited short-term impact on China’s domestic nuclear energy development, it is not conducive to China-US nuclear energy cooperation and China’s international nuclear energy cooperation, and will change the global pattern of international cooperation on nuclear energy. Sino-US nuclear energy relations have entered a new stage characterized by competition, and China’s international cooperation on nuclear energy will also face a more complex new situation. Firstly, it is necessary to assess the impact and risks of the US restrictions on high-tech exports to China as soon as possible, and study the future Sino-US competition and cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. Secondly, China’s medium- and long-term development strategy for domestic nuclear energy need to be adjusted and formulated to be more focused on domestic part and ensure the steady and sound development of the nuclear industry. Thirdly, we need remain open to the outside world and actively yet prudently advance China’s international cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

Key words: nuclear energy, nuclear power, cooperation, competition, the US