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The Development of Music Town in Shunyi District of Beijing: An Analysis Based on SWOT Model (Special Issue, No.14, 2019)


By Zhang Xiaohuan, Chen Feng & Zhang Youjia, Research Team on “The Innovative Development Model of Small Towns with Distinctive Local Features in China in the New Era”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.14, 2019 (Total 1642) 2019-1-25

Abstract: The music town in Shunyi district of Beijing municipality enjoys fine geographic location with rich ecological and cultural resources, and its entertainment tourism consumption market could easily attract high-quality talents and pool industrial resources. Besides, the national policy on the construction of small towns with distinctive local features has further stimulated the development potential of small towns in China. But it needs to be noted that the construction of Shunyi music town is facing a series of challenges and problems such as fierce competition in the same industry, restrictions imposed by land use planning and ecological environmental protection control, as well as inadequate foundation for music industrial development, inappropriate infrastructure facilities and the old-fashined countryside views. How to transform potential into advantages deserves in-depth analysis and study. Through analysis, it is found that Shunyi music town has more advantages than disadvantages, and more opportunities than challenges. Future efforts need to focus on the improvement of land model, industrial innovation, population agglomeration, common sharing mechanism and service facilities so as to blaze a new path through collaborative innovations, ecological improvement and fair sharing of development fruits for the construction of a music town with high quality and distinctive local features.

Key words: music town, innovation strategy, Shunyi district