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The Strategic Significance of the Construction of Small Towns with Distinctive Local Features in China (Special Issue, No.9, 2019)


By Zhang Liang & Zhang He, Research Team on “The Innovative Development Model of Small Towns with Distinctive Local Features in China in the New Era”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.9, 2019 (Total 1637) 2019-1-25

Abstract: Small towns with distinctive local features serve as innovation and entrepreneurship platforms based on industrial agglomeration, which are of great strategic significance for improving the quality of urbanization and promoting the coordinated development of cities and regions in China. From the perspective of urbanization drive, these small towns could effectively leverage the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and push ahead with the smooth mobility and distribution of population. In view of rural revitalization and urban-rural integration, these small towns, due to their geographic advantages and strategic locations, could fuel the integration of urban and rural development and boost the revitalization and development of rural areas. With an eye to industrial transformation and upgrading, these small towns could form distinctive industrial clusters and innovation and entrepreneurship platforms through centralized development of distinctive resources, and generate new impetus for economic growth. With respect to cultural inheritance and innovation, these small towns could be regarded as organic carriers to attract tourists with their rich historical resources and fine cultural traditions and promote the integrated development of culture and related industries.

Key words: small towns with distinctive local features, urban-rural integration, industrial agglomeration