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Increase Carbon Sink Market Trading and Help Realize Ecological Civilization (No.10, 2019)


By Li Zuojun & Yu Min, Research Team on “Green Industry Development Mechanism of Dapeng New District”, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, No.10, 2019 (Total 5510) 2019-1-23

Abstract: The carbon sink market trading is a direct way to realize the goal of lucid waters and lush mountains. It is an important part of rural revitalization and ecological poverty alleviation, and an innovative measure to enhance China’s voice in global climate governance. At present, new technologies such as the Internet of Things have improved the operability of transactions in the carbon sink market, making its importance more prominent in the global carbon market, and ushering in new opportunities to expand the carbon sink market. China is embarking on the establishment of a national carbon emission trading market, but the role of carbon sink trade in the process is unclear yet. There are still some problems in carbon emission market transactions, such as unclear legal definition of property rights, accounting methods to be improved, urgent need to improve the transaction mechanism and regulatory mechanism and so on. In the future, China still needs to further clarify the status and role of carbon sink in carbon emission trading, amend relevant laws to give legal status to carbon sink property rights, improve the systems of accounting, certification and trading platforms of carbon sink market transactions, build a unified supervision mechanism to strengthen monitoring during and after the transaction, launch pilot project of carbon trading in progressive stages, and further improve the trading system of carbon sink market.

Key words: ecological civilization construction, carbon sink, market transaction