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Constructing the Conservation Easement System and Forming the Synergy of “Unified Protection through Concerted Efforts”
——Take Xianju National Park as An Example (Special Issue, No.1, 2019)


By Zhao Xinrui, Management World, Guan Yuting, Beijing Forestry University & Pan Zhi Wen, Management Committee of Xianju National Park

Research Report, Special Issue, No.1, 2019 (Total 1629) 2019-1-3

Abstract: There are many problems in nature reserves in our country, such as difficulty in “ management in unison” and “sources of funding”. Xianju National Park, which is carrying out a system reform pilot, is no exception. The solution of land requisition (including lease) and resettlement is not only unfeasible in terms of cost, but also unfavorable to the symbiotic relationship between man and land that has been formed in some aspects. Through the construction of the conservation easement system, Xianju National Park is expected to realize unified management at low cost, which is conducive to the protection of the authenticity and integrity of its natural ecosystem and natural geological relics, and to its application for a world geological park. On the other hand, it is easy to realize unified cross-border management: to provide an institutional basis for realizing the same land management system and management standards and achieving unified management in the protection dimension for regions with identical types of natural relics, but administratively separated. And they may jointly apply for world natural heritage in the future.

Key words: conservation easements, land ownership, unified cross-border management, eco-conpensation