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Policy Options on Promoting the Development of Waste Resources Recycling Industry in China (Special Issue, No.59, 2018)


By Li Jianwei, Zhao Zheng & Tian Linlin, Research Team on “The Development of Waste Resources Recycling Industry in China”, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.59, 2018 (Total 1626) 2018-12-21

Abstract: As an integral part of China’s circular economy and a strategic emerging industry, the waste resources recycling industry exert multiple impacts on social and economic development and environment improvement, serving as an effective approach to easing China’s resource pressure, reducing environmental pollution and promoting green development. To advance the waste resources recycling industry and enhance the waste resources recycling level not only help realize the strategic goals of progress in manufacturing, improvement of people’s life and sound operation of ecology, but also hold significance in promoting the “five in one” reform relating to economy, politics, culture, society and ecology and making China become more beautiful with blue skies, green mountains and clear waters. We need to be fully aware of the strategic value of waste resources recycling industrial development and strive to pursue a high-quality development of the industry. Based on the unique features of the industry, we need to strengthen the leading enterprises’ competitiveness, boost the industrial concentration, improve the fiscal and financial supportive system, flesh out the recycling networks of waste resources, reinforce the legal guarantee, build up the service function of the trade associations, enhance the public’s awareness of environmental protection, and enable the waste resources recycling industry to embark on a sound development track in an orderly manner.

Key words: waste resources recycling enterprises, leading enterprises, industrial parks, recycling networks