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The Development of Civil-Military Integration in National Defense and Hi-tech Industries in the U.S.: Experience and Enlightenments (No.215, 2018)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Policy Options Relating to the Industrial Development of Civil-Military Integration”, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.215, 2018 (Total 5490) 2018-12-10

Abstract: The US government has effectively promoted the civil-military integration under the fully competitive market conditions, which is a typical case of the civil-military integration in national defense and hi-tech industries. The US government has attached great importance to the construction of civil-military integration system. By formulating and implementing relevant laws, regulations and policies from different perspectives, it has strengthened the overall coordination at the national level and implemented development strategies with the support of relevant departments through the following measures. Great efforts have been made to support the civil-military dual-use technology and industrial development, establish a clear demand information release and docking mechanism, lower the market access threshold for military products, maximize the competition of the military procurement, and adopt practical methods to enhance defense secrecy and flesh out security management. The US Ministry of National Defense has played an important role in identifying and acquiring new and hi-technologies in the civilian field, establishing a smooth supply-demand channel and promoting the procurement of weapons and equipment. With regard to drawing on relevant experience and practices from the United States, we need to pay more attention to meeting market demand with targeted measures, properly optimize market access, strive to achieve full market competition, effectively improve secrecy measures, and facilitate high-quality development of civil-military integration in China.

Key words: national defense and hi-tech industries, civil-military integration, form synergy between civil and military industries, experience and enlightenments