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The Cultivation of Innovative Personnel in China: Results, Problems and Policy Options (No.199, 2018)


By Yang Chao & Zhang Xin, Research Team on “The Cultivation and Introduction of Innovative Personnel Based on Incentive Mechanism”, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.199, 2018 (Total 5474) 2018-11-21

Abstract: Since the turn of the new century, China has paid more attention to the cultivation of innovative personnel. With the advance of the reform of relevant systems and mechanisms, the policy framework and planning system on the cultivation of talented personnel have gradually become fleshed out and remarkable results have been achieved in talent attraction. However, with the adjustment of development mode and the change of international situation, some problems have loomed up in the policies and plans relating to personnel cultivation, including overlapping plans to shore up personnel cultivation, inadequate assessment measures after the introduction of talented personnel, the over-emphasis on material incentives in some provinces and the misuse and abuse of talent titles as evaluation indicators, all of which have brought about some negative impacts on the allocation of research resources, and caused difficulties for the introduction of talented personnel from overseas. Therefore, it is necessary for us to optimize the structure for personnel cultivation, adjust the ways and measures of introducing talented personnel from overseas, strengthen the assessment of work performance of talented personnel after their introduction, adopt various encouragement policies other than material incentives, reduce the adverse impact on the allocation of scientific research resources, deepen the institutional reform relating to the cultivation of talented personnel and create a sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in order to better promote the cultivation and introduction of innovative and talented personnel with proper incentive measures in China.

Key words: innovative talents, policy options, plan