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Empowerment and Marketization
--Experiences and Direction of Agricultural and Rural Reform (Special Issue, No.37, 2018)


By Zhang Yunhua, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.37, 2018 (Total 1604) 2018-9-21

Abstract:In the course of 40 years of agricultural and rural reform, there are two key experiences: empowerment and marketization. The reform of agricultural collectivization into household contract responsibility system has endowed farmers with much more land contract right and management autonomy; gradually granted farmers the right to transfer their land management rights, and established and improved the market for land management right;the reform of the property right system of rural collective operating assets granted farmers the right to own shares of collective assets. The system for purchase and sale of agricultural products and the mechanism for setting prices was also reformed, so as to gradually press marketization ahead from planned regulatory system and dual-track system. Agricultural and rural reform on the road to rural revitalization in the future still need to follow the direction of empowerment and marketization. In order to further enhance empowerment, we need to reform the rural land system and the collective property rights system, and establish and perfect the rural property rights system and the transaction market. In order to further promote marketization, we need to reform the policy of minimum grain purchase prices, and establish and improve a market-oriented mechanism for setting grain prices and a system for grain purchasing and storage.

Key words: agricultural and rural reform, empowerment, marketization, experience, direction