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Medical Care Security System: Progress, Problems and Reform (Special Issue, No.30, 2018)


By Ge Yanfeng & Zhang Jiahui, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.30, 2018 (Total 1597) 2018-8-31

Abstract: China has basically formulated a multi-layer and full-coverage medical care social security system with the basic medical care insurance system as its mainstay, the medical care assistance mechanism as its safety net, and the major disease insurance and commercial medical insurance as its complement. This system plays an important role in warding off the economic risks posed by diseases. However, there remain prominent problems and challenges. For example, the limited financing capability will lag behind the rapid increase of demand for medical care in long term. The basic medical care insurance can offer less than satisfying schemes, and is not very fair or well managed. The medical care social security is further restricted in its functions due to the inadequate reform in medical services and medicine. It is suggested that the government should accelerate the implementation of the administrative system reform to enhance equality and fairness through institutional arrangements, to elevate macro performance by focusing on basic and emergent needs, to improve efficiency through more capable administration, and to ensure effective functions of security by such comprehensive measures as advancing the reform in medical care service system and in medicine, and strengthening the health publicity for all.

Key words: medical care security, evolution, problems, suggestions on reform