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The Logic Correlation in Xinjiang’s Governance : The Long-term Stability and Modernized Governance


The Logic Correlation in Xinjiang’s Governance : The Long-term Stability and Modernized Governance

By Qin Zhongchun, DRC


Issues related Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are special and complex, and the proper addressing of these issues are of vital and long-lasting importance for Xinjiang’s governance. In modern society, the resources that can be allocated by the government are limited, so are the working time and energy of individuals. Thus, we need to make logic thinking and well-organized plan for the efficient allocation of scarce resources, and strive to promote the advancement and innovation of the theories, methods and policies related to Xinjiang’s governance so as to make greater contribution to the long-lasting stability and appropriate governance in Xinjiang. Based on academic and policy research, this book puts forward some policy options related to the stability and modernization drive in Xinjiang. The book has the following eight chapters. Chapter 1: The formulation of the new standards for addressing related issues in Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 2: The special difficulties relating to Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 3: Major lessons drawn from foreign countries’ experience in regional national governance. Chapter 4: The basic theories to solve the problems connected with Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 5: Basic approaches toward resolving the thorny problems in Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 6: Scientific methods for cracking down the hard nut in Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 7: Appropriate policy options for addressing the conundrums in Xinjiang’s governance. Chapter 8: Some policy proposals set forth in the 13th Five-Year Plan on fleshing out the policies related to Xinjiang’s governance.