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Incentive Mechanism and Policy Options on Innovation Entities


Incentive Mechanism and Policy Options on Innovation Entities

By Ma Jun, Zhang Yongwei & Yuan Dongming, DRC


Contributed by the Enterprise Research Institute of DRC, this book is about the research on the innovation and development of China’s innovation entities (mainly enterprises). With the aim of probing the development law of enterprise innovation and based on a problem-oriented research approach, this book selects for study several typical problems facing enterprises in their innovation drive, including some new problems loomed up in the new era. It gives an analysis of enterprise innovation activities respectively from the perspectives of national innovation system and the internal mechanism of enterprises. By combining the research on innovation entities and external environment affecting innovation entities, it not only touches upon the system and policy issues of the national innovation system, but also that of the enterprises. The comprehensive and targeted policy options put forward in the book would enable the macro and industrial level policies to inject new impetus to enterprise innovation and make enterprises become more dynamic and innovative.

This book has 19 chapters. Chapter 1: The evaluation on innovation investment intensity of listed manufacturing enterprises in China; Chapter 2: The innovation characteristics and policy options for emerging SMEs – based on the analysis of the new third board listed companies; Chapter 3: Enhancing the innovation power of enterprises through equity incentives; Chapter 4: State-owned enterprises need to establish a mechanism to encourage innovation while tolerating failure; Chapter 5: The platform-based and open-oriented innovation; Chapter 6: More efforts need to be focused on incremental innovation; Chapter 7: Roadmaps and policies on making in-depth use of international innovation resources; Chapter 8: Views and suggestions on standardizing the development of enterprises with equity-based crowdfunding; Chapter 9: The development trend of enterprise reform driven by IT application; Chapter 10: Seize the opportunity of intelligent development and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading; Chapter 11: Reasons, influences and countermeasures relating to the frequent merger of interconnecting enterprises; Chapter 12: The new modes of the rapid growth of innovative enterprises; Chapter 13: Shore up the development model of Internet-based platform Plus small and micro enterprises and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation; Chapter 14: Accelerate the regulatory transformation based on Internet Plus; Chapter 15: Suggestions on breaking the local protection of the electric vehicle industry; Chapter 16: The smart HD TV needs further integration and restructuring; Chapter 17: Copyright protection for creative industry in Internet Plus era;Chapter 18 The operation mode and enlightenments drawn from the American manufacturing innovation center; Chapter 19: Rebuild the applied research system and promote the innovative development of enterprises.