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Strive to Promote the Mixed-Ownership Economy with Chinese Characteristics(No.28, 2018)


By Ma Jun, Research Team on “The Development of Mixed-Ownership Economy”, DRC

Research Report, No.28, 2018 (Total 5303) 2018-2-6

Abstract: Viewing from the macro-perspective, the mixed-ownership economy is manifested as the co-existence of different types of ownership, and on the micro side, it is embodied as the diversification of the nature of enterprises’ ownership right. Since reform and opening-up, market mechanism has played a major role in the adjustment of ownership structure, and in the meantime, governmental sectors have also actively modulated the layout of state-owned capital, which have ensured the fast development of all types of economic ownership. China has successfully explored a way for the development of mixed-ownership economy with Chinese characteristics. Facts show that all types of ownership capitals take notable shares and are given full play to their merits so as to realize the equilibrium between fairness and efficiency, the balance between short-term and long-term development as well as between vitality and stability. On the micro front, all kinds of ownership capitals have become integrated through complementing each other to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises. To further promote the mixed-ownership economy with Chinese characteristics, the foundation is to keep on optimizing the economic structure by utilizing the market force and the key lies in making good use of the huge amount of state-owned capital.

Key words: mixed-ownership economy, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) reform, reform of state-owned capital