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The Rise of the United States and Its Risk Prevention and Control Measures
——Superpower’s Rise and Enlightenments to China(No.184, 2017)


By Chen Changsheng & Li Chengjian, Research Team on “Risk Prevention and Countermeasures in the Economic Transformation Period”, DRC

Research Report, No.184, 2017 (Total 5259) 2017-12-19

Abstract: The rise of the United States as a world superpower is one of the most influential events in the 20th century. Especially after the Second World War, the US dominance of the international order has exerted a long-lasting and profound impact on the current global economic and political landscape. As a late comer, China is following a pursuant development model and is experiencing swift economic progress in the course of rejuvenation of the nation. Against such a background, it is of great significance for China to draw on the experience of the United States in terms of its strategy for risk prevention and control. In seeking a commanding height in the world, the United States has made repeated efforts to strengthen its economic power, improve the credit standard of US dollar in global trade, make relevant adjustment of its foreign strategy, reconstruct international trade and governance system and actively respond to and control all kind of risks. Its experience tells us that China needs to maintain its strategic position, consolidate economic foundation, build a strong soft power, keep proper relations with major powers, focus on long-term interest in foreign strategy, give full play to the role of the Central Government and introduce more effective policies for bringing in the brightest minds from overseas and accomplishing great things.

Key words: the rise of big powers, strategic options, risk prevention and control, enlightenments