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Cultivate a Global Logistics System Connecting China with the World(No.143, 2017)


By Wei Jigang, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.143, 2017 (Total 5218) 2017-10-31

Abstract: One of the key features of the new era gives expression to global interconnectivity and global flow of resources. In the past several decades, the global connectivity and resource flow have been monopolized by the U.S., Europe, Japan and some other developed countries. With the booming development of China’s economy, China boasts a rising position and enhanced influence in the landscape of global connectivity and resource flow. However, China’s capability to connect with the world remains to be reinforced compared with some global powers. In light of the new characteristics of globalization and changes in the international pattern, China needs to center around the globalization strategy in the new era as well as the global demand on production, circulation and trade, and follow the principle of co-existence and common prosperity, co-building and common sharing, and mutual benefit with win-win results, so as to dock China’s strategy with those of other countries. With the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s needs to construct a global logistics and supply-chain service system to connect China with each corner of the world and major global markets, enhance its capability in offering global-connectivity based services and solutions for addressing global issues, and support China to facilitate the package deal including purchasing, selling, manufacturing, transport and delivery on the global market.

Key words: global logistics system, global interconnectivity, global flow of resources