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Global Economic Changes and China’s Countermeasures(No.106, 2017)


By Wang Yiming, Lan Zongmin & Zhu Hongming, Research Team of DRC

Research Report, No.106, 2017 (Total 5181) 2017-08-30

Abstract: In recent years, the deglobalization trend in the world together with protectionism, populism and isolationism are growing, and the refugee waves and terrorism are looming up especially in Europe and the Middle East, which have exerted a great impact upon economic development. In light of the above-mentioned facts, we made a field survey in France, Poland and Israel in April 2017, held round-table conferences with the Strategy and Forecast Department of France, and conducted discussions with government agencies and think tanks of France, Poland and Israel on eleven occasions. The survey findings show that these countries have taken some measures to cope with the global economic changes such as accelerating the economic and social reform to sharpen the national competitive edge, promoting the economic transformation in response to the domestic and global environment changes, enhancing technological innovation to obtain a leading position and innovate regional economic cooperation mechanism to improve the development vitality. In view of the experience gained by these countries, we need to insist on the supply-side reform and take it as a fundamental way to address the global economic changes, pay more attention to build social consensus to promote reforms, work harder to implement the innovation-driven strategy, strengthen international cooperation in advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, and speed up the construction of international coordination mechanism relating to macro-economic policies.

Key words: global economic changes, countermeasures, France, Poland, Israel