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Tiered Medical Service System in China(Special Issue No.28, 2017)


By Feng Wenmeng & Ge Yanfeng, Research Team on “The Improvement of Tiered Medical Service System”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research report, Special Issue No.28, 2017 (Total 1552) 2017-07-28

Abstract: In recent years, pilot practices relating to the reform of tiered medical service system are conducted across the board in China. These practices are mainly conducted in two ways. First, based on the enforcement of medical service system, efforts are made to push forward the labor division and cooperation by all kinds of means among medical service institutions at different levels. Second, with focus laid on improving medical insurance system, efforts are made to encourage patients to get medical service in local hospitals by differentiated reimbursement rates, the reform of payment modes and other policy adjustments to fully motivate grassroots medical institutions. The relevant practices show that some positive experience has been gained, but some problems also loom up that should not be neglected. To facilitate the implementation of tiered medical service system, these problems should be addressed with targeted measures.

Key words: tiered medical service system, local practice, experience summary