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Policy Options on Promoting the Transformation of Application-oriented Universities(Special Issue, No.25, 2017)


By Wang Weijin & Liu Lihui, Research on “China’s Application-oriented University Development Model Guided by the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.25, 2017 (Total 1549) 2017-07-25

Abstract: In the new era it is a strategic option for China’s higher education to guide some universities’ development toward application-oriented transformation. In light of related experience both from home and abroad and in response to the challenges in the course of transformation, this paper argues that universities need to make efforts for application-oriented transformation in the following three aspects. 1. The mainstream media needs to enhance people’s awareness and make it clear about the legal status of application-oriented universities so as to create a proper social environment for their transformation. 2. As for the governance system, the role of local governments should be brought into full play in self-reliant management of school affairs as well as coordination and regulation for school enrollment; a mechanism needs to be established to motivate industries and social forces to participate in talent cultivation; and the universities need to be encouraged to go in for self-management in the course of transformation. 3. In light of supportive policy measures, the top priority work is to implement the university classified appraisal system and give equal support to application-oriented universities; universities under transformation should be allowed to enhance academic enforcement and establish their application-wise disciplinary clusters; meanwhile, appropriate remuneration needs to be given to the application-type personnel and an international platform for cooperation should be built properly.

Key words: university transformation, application-oriented universities, categorized evaluation, application-wise talents