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Integrated Emerging Industries: Features and Inspirations(No.78, 2017)


By Shi Guang, Research Team on “The Supportive Environment of ‘Internet Plus’”, DRC

Research Report, No.78, 2017 (Total 5153) 2017-07-19

Abstract: One of the highlights of this round of Internet drive is the booming development of integrated emerging industries, which has posed a severe challenge to traditional industries and the regulation of this sector. The integrated emerging industries has the following characteristics: they have made creative and destructive impact on traditional industries and changed the original operation mechanism and competition pattern; the cyber platform serves as strategic infrastructure and performs a strong public function; these industries are highly dependent on the capital market in the initial stage with a relatively low profitability; these businesses are mainly seen in the service sector and rarely seen in the industrial sector; these industries bear a strong feature of the sharing economy. The development of integrated emerging industries show that Internet technology has propelled the progress of these industries, which is conducive to breaking the monopoly in different sectors and the delayering and the decentralization of economic organizations; the integrated emerging industries of China and the U.S. are evidently different, mainly due to the different basis of respective systems; and market protection measures for these industries need to be provided in light of their development in different phases.

Key words: integrated emerging industries, cyber platform, technological progress