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Deliberations on Establishing a Theoretic System to Advance the Belt and Road Initiative (No.68, 2017)


By Cheng Guoqiang, Research Team on the Belt and Road Theoretic System Based on the International Mainstream Development Agenda, DRC

Research report No.68, 2017 (Total 5143) 2017-6-13

Abstract: The Belt and Road Initiative gives prominent importance to practice and exploration. However, against the background of rising global concern and expectations and especially the call of the new era for the Initiative to advance the new-type globalization, its theoretic and discourse system is yet to be fleshed out and updated. The work of improving the research on the Belt and Road Initiative theories and establishing a theoretic system is an urgent demand for further enhancing international consensus and creating a favorable global environment, and it could also shore up the advance of the Initiative in an effective and orderly manner. To build the Belt and Road theoretic system, its strategic positioning, core denotations and the four features including practicality, systematization, innovation and China wisdom require thorough understanding. The practice and exploration of the Belt and Road Initiative will contribute to the formation of the new international economic order based on inclusiveness and common sharing, the new international relations centering on win-win cooperation and international cooperation on development for common progress, which are inter-connected and inter-related forming an open and comprehensive theoretic framework.

Key words: the Belt and Road Initiative, theoretic system, globalization, international economy, international relations, international development