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Speed up Integrating the Industrial Chain of Agriculture to Enhance China’s Agricultural Competitiveness(No.72, 2017)


By Jin Sanlin, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research report No.72, 2017 (Total 5147)  2017-6-19

Abstract: The industrial chain of agriculture is the core industrial organizational form of modern agriculture, and the essence of modern agricultural competition is the competition of industrial chain. With the combined action of market impetus and policy support, China's agricultural industrial chain is entering a new stage of rapid development. However, the level of organization and integration of industrial chain is low, the interest-binding and distribution mechanism is imperfect, and policy support as well as factor support system is not complete, resulting in the relatively weak overall competitiveness of the whole industrial chain. In the future, we need to take the integration of the industrial chain as an important task to promote the supply-side structural reform of agriculture, use the integration of industrial chain to guide policies including the development of processing industry for agricultural products, the integration of the three industries and the development of leisure agriculture, and make agricultural structure adjustment tailored to the situation. In particular, it is necessary for us to strengthen the construction of agricultural industrial parks and other industrial carriers, and actively cultivate the leading industrialized agricultural enterprises and other industrial entities, in order to enhance the level of integration of industrial chain, improve the interest-binding mechanism, and polish policy and service support system to speed up the competitiveness of agricultural industrial chain.

Key words: agricultural industrial chain, agricultural competitiveness, policy options