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The Exploration and Development of Sichuan’s Polyhalite Sylvite Resources Could Ensure Food Production and Resource Conservation(No.54, 2017)

( drc.gov.cn ) 2017-06-12

By Gu Shuzhong, Li Weiming & Gao Shiji, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC; Zheng Mianping, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences; Wang Limao & Yao Yulong, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research report No.54, 2017 (Total 5129) 2017-05-08

Abstract: Sylvite is an important strategic mineral resource and a major bolster for China’s food production. Under the impact of limited domestic natural endowment, international competition performance, increased future demand and relevant factors, the conservation of China’s sylvite resources is beyond optimism. Polyhalite sylvite is widely distributed in Sichuan province. With high practical value and huge exploration potential, it is expected to be an important substitute resource of traditional sylvite. Apart from enjoying a significant role in ensuring national food production and resource conservation, it can enhance China’s say in the world arena. The government needs to think highly of this issue. In light of the total volume of sylvite resources and the application of potash fertilizer, as well as polyhalite sylvite resources in Sichuan province, the following policy options are proposed. The government needs to enhance top-level design and enlarge the range of geological exploration on both oil and sylvite resources with a green mode approach and targeted and strong measures. With regard to the key technology and technique issues relating to the exploration and development of polyhalite resources, the government needs to establish a major project team and address relevant issues with joint efforts made by scientific and technological personnel. In addition, the government needs to step up support for the pilot-scale experiment in exploration and development, and for the construction of industrial demonstration zones. A research department in charge of sylvite resources needs to be set up as soon as possible.

Key words: polyhalite sylvite, food security, resources conservation, strategy and countermeasure