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The Innovation Trend Index Points to the Continuing Active Innovative Performance of Enterprises(No.53, 2017)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.53, 2017 (Total 5128) 2017-5-5

Abstract: China’s Enterprise Innovation Trend Index 2017 is launched after the initial release of China’s Enterprise Innovation Trends Index in 2016. The questionnaires collected from 1960 entrepreneurs show that the current innovation trend index of enterprises is on the rise, and enterprises have sustained the active innovative performance. Facts indicate that first, the will for entrepreneurs to make input in innovation drive is still strong and corporate innovation has achieved obvious results; second, fierce market competition has become the main driving force to promote enterprise innovation, inter-enterprise cooperation and innovation have increased and enterprises have adopted an innovative approach to develop new products; third, the upgrading of consumer structure and technology has propelled enterprise innovation. The survey results find that there are some risks and challenges to be addressed relating to enterprise innovation, including the lack of innovation personnel, short-term planning for enterprise development, inadequate innovation cultural environment, unrealistic expectations for achieving innovation results, and inappropriate intellectual property rights protection measures.

Key words: innovation trend index, entrepreneurs, questionnaire survey