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Auto Blue Book: Report on China’s Auto Industry Development in 2016


By Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Society of Automotive Engineering of China

Volkswagen Group (China)


 Based on the “end-network-cloud” development model, this book focuses on the smart technology-based development trend, the changing pattern and the innovative breakthroughs in China’s auto industry. It come up with relevant supporting measures China needs to take for fleshing out top-level design, inter-department cooperation, infrastructure construction, core technology, standard system, and related laws and regulations. It gives an illustration of and an evaluation on the basic changes in the international competitiveness of China's auto industry. This book gives readers a general picture about the future performance of China's auto industry and makes good reference for relevant government departments in formulating strategic policies. The book contains the following parts.

Part One:The general report. It includes four chapters, which touch upon the impact of innovative breakthroughs brought about by the auto industry and the forward-looking strategy based on intelligent-network related technologies.

Part Two: An overview on China's auto industry development in 2015. Issues discussed in this part include: China’s auto production and sales volume had occupied the top place for 7 consecutive years in the world, structural changes of Chinese auto brands in the market, an exponential growth of new energy vehicles and its policy characteristics relating to market performance, the Internet factors and industrial ecology, the concepts of intelligent-network vehicle technology, the export of auto products and overseas construction and acquisition of factories, the changes of competitiveness of China's auto industry in the world, and an analysis of the gap between China’s and foreign auto industries.

Part Three: Research on smart technology-based development trend and the changing pattern of China’s auto industry. Topics expounded in this part include: the innovative breakthroughs and the driving forces of auto industry, the smart technology-based revolution of auto production, vehicle products and car service, and the dynamic adjustment of the value chain, industrial chain and innovation chain of the auto industry fueled by smart technology-based strategy.

Part Four: Special topic research on the development strategy and policy options of China's intelligent-network related vehicle industry, including strategic approach on China’s intelligent-network related vehicle industry and policy guarantee to boost its development.

Part Five: Appendix of relevant statistics on auto industry and relevant auto policies and regulations issued and implemented since 2015.