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Analysis of China’s Foreign Trade Performance in the Second Half of 2016 and Prospects for 2017(No.162, 2016)


By Zhao Fujun, Research Team on "Analysis of China’s Foreign Trade Performance", Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research Report No.162, 2016 (Total 5045) 2016-12-2

Abstract: In order to have a timely and thorough understanding of China’s export performance and difficulties and problems facing foreign trade enterprises so as to provide an objective basis for policy adjustments, the research team on “Analysis on China’s Foreign Trade Performance” has conducted questionnaire surveys twice a year over the past few years. The present survey was made in October 2016, and the research team collected 706 valid questionnaires from foreign trade enterprises in 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Compared with the survey findings made respectively in autumn 2015 and spring 2016, the present survey results show that export had gained some momentum and export prices and profits had inched upward, but export situation was still not optimistic with only less than 20% of enterprises experiencing an increase of export and some surveyed enterprises holding a slightly increased number of export orders. It is estimated that in 2017 the export performance would be improved to some extent, but export would still face much downward pressure. The reduced international market demand and rising labor costs would be the major factors restraining export growth. Enterprises hope that the government would release new policies for maintaining steady foreign trade performance and improve export tax rebate rate.

Key words: foreign trade performance, analysis, questionnaire survey