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Accelerating Resource Reform, Ensuring National Resource Security and Facilitating Ecological Civilization Construction(Special Issue No.49, 2016)


By Li Weiming, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue No.49, 2016 (Total 1524) 2016-12-23

Abstract: Since the industrial revolution, people’s pursuit of higher material and living standard has led to rapid expansion of natural resource consumption. In the future, the contradiction between explosive increase of resource demand and the limited supply will become even more intensified. With the looming up of global natural ecological limit, people have to find a way out in face of energy shortages. Meanwhile, with the swift technological innovation progress in recent years, and people’s change of awareness on natural resources, a resource revolution is gradually gaining momentum with resource output rate at the core. Under such a background, it will be significant and adequate for China to accelerate resource reform. It is suggested that the government should accelerate the change of resource awareness, formulate and implement medium-to-long term resource revolution strategy; create a sound policy and system environment beneficial to technological innovation and business revolution and to the increase of resource output rate; focus on the study and construction of green economy development theory based on natural capital efficiency, promote resource revolution more consciously based on a better understanding of resource condition; and speed up the security system construction including relevant laws, policies and technologies.

Key words: resource revolution, resource output rate, new technology convergence, ecological civilization