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Russian Policy Evaluation and Enlightenments for China(No. 106, 2016)


By Liu Yanling & Dong Dandan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No. 106, 2016 (Total 4989) 2016-8-16

Abstract: The Russian government attaches great importance to think tanks and experts in making policy consultation and assessment. The government leading officials, while holding major posts in social science research institutes, participate in the formulation of development plans relating to humanities of social sciences and conduct constant public opinion surveys to promote scientific and democratic decision-making. At present, the major practice for constructing Russian public policy evaluation system includes: the establishment of an expert council to analyze the policy outlines and implementation results, the legislation of experts’ argumentation and evaluation, the provision of equal opportunities for all types of assessment agencies to participate in making policy decisions and assessment, necessary funding support and taking survey findings seriously about public opinions. All of these practices are worthy of studying and learning. In light of China’s present conditions, the government could improve the public policy evaluation system in the following aspects: regularize legislative procedures through the formulation of public policies, cultivate diversified evaluation subjects, establish a constant survey system on public opinions, build an open and transparent government information disclosure platform, create public policy evaluation methods with Chinese characteristics and enhance the awareness of decision-making bodies at all levels on the importance of public policy evaluation.

Key words: policy evaluation, think tank, Russia